This event may only happen if you are not currently worshiping any gods.

There were three huge man-made holes punctured into the wall resembling human eyes and a mouth. There was also a line with ancient characters above. Though instinct, you recognized a few words: "Arm...Truth...Mouth"

  • Put your arm in the mouth.

At the exact moment you put your arm in the "mouth", the wall made a sound as if you had traveled through ancient time and space. Each word took several seconds to be heard: "Why do you doubt the existence of these gods? They have been watching over this world since the ancient times. No matter how much devastation and bliss they experience, or how many names they have been given,their power never fades with time.

  • Touch the mouth
    • Why are you helping these gods? -> "The gods are the worlds source of power. Without the gods, there is no world. The existence of gods grants existence to all else. As for myself, I am the father of gods. Do we have an accord?"
      • Sign it. -> You became a follower of the God of Devastation.
      • Decline. -> Nothing happens.
    • Immortality doesn't exist. -> You commited blasphemy, -10 Max Life +1 Max Mana
  • Put your arm in the left eye. -> Recovered part of your memory (A skill if you have an open slot?) and Full health (sometimes nothing happens _ Morte, atheist, even with good stats)
  • Put your arm in the right eye. -> Recover +10 soul
  • Leave