Shops are places where heroes can exchange their possessions for something else.

Typically, they can be found on dungeon levels; in addition, when the player kills all monsters on a dungeon level, they can choose from 3 clearance bonuses, and shops can also show up as a bonus. These bonus shops won't be accessible after the player close the purchase window.

There is also an Item shop in Hero's Town that can be unlocked for 50 Gold.

List of ShopsEdit

Equipment ShopEdit

This shop has 8 random pieces of enchanted equipment for sale.

The player's equipment can also be sold here.

Equipment Shop


The player can forge runestones here. The forge exchanges:

  • Any 3 Copper runes and 100 gold for 1 Silver rune.
  • Any 3 Silver runes and 200 gold for 1 Gold rune.
Rune Forge

Item ShopEdit

This shop has 3 random items for sale.

The player's equipment can also be sold here.

Item Shop

Skill ShopEdit

The player can pay gold to learn skills.

This shop offers 3 random skills for the player to learn.

Skill Shop

Tattoo ShopEdit

The player can exchange runestones for tattoos here.

Tattoo Shop cannot be accessed if the player is not worshiping a God.

Tattoo Shop

Item Shop in Hero's TownEdit

Town Item Shop

Item shop in Hero's Town can be unlocked for 50 Gold. Here the player can buy the items they want to start the game with.

There are 3 random items for sale in this shop. The items refresh after the player dies in the dungeon or completes it. The player can also pay 200 gold to refresh the stock.

Restarting the game does not change the items in this shop's stock.

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