Part 1 of Lich Quest

"This room is filled with the breath of undead. You can hear the sound of bones cracking, echoing against the walls. After exploring everywhere carefully, you find an ancient book on an old bookshelf. After looking through the first few pages, all you can distinguish are unknown letters and symbols. What will you do?"

  • "It m us be an evil tom, burn it!" -> Nothing Happens (?)
  • Take a closer look and try to understand the book's content.
    • This is a book about necromancy. You feel very lucky to have found this book as it contains explanation on the lich's origins. The book's author claims that by having a better understanding of the lich, the reason why magic can't be used within these walls would then be revealed. The lich has to cast a very powerful spell in order to separate itself from the reliquary, but surprisingly, it's impossible for the lich to cast this spell within these walls. You couldn't help but wonder about the origins of this dungeon. -> Continue -> You acquire ancient knowledge. (Intelligence +1)
  • (If you have the lich's reliquary) The book might have something to do with the reliquary you picked up. (paraphrasing)
    • You started going through the content of the book. Although most of it was mostly useless, you still figured out some of the content was related to lich's necronomicon. You realize that this reliquary actually belongs to a lich. Under normal circumstances, reliquaries are stored in secret places and protected by mighty magic. Why would this reliquary fall into your hands? What will be your decision?
      1. Destroy the reliquary.
      2. Dispel the spirit link between the reliquary and the lich.
        • You try and succeed. Souls are fully replenished.