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Gods shrine

Runestone Keeper has Gods that bestow the heroes with special abilities in exchange for sacrifices. In addition, when the player finds a Tattoo Shop in the dungeon, they can pay Runestones to get beneficial tattoos, which are exclusive to each God (each God have 3 tattoos). The Gods are part of the gameplay mechanics to allow players to further customize their character builds. Only one God can be worshiped at a time.

While exploring, players can find worshiping stones in the dungeon depths. They can choose to worship that God and offer sacrifices for the blessings. After being worshiped once, the God will be "unlocked" and can be selected from the beginning, before the character enters the dungeon.

Unlike worshiping a God in the dungeon, following a God before entering the dungeon requires payment in gold and may have an extra debuff.

If the player has already worshiped a God and switches to another one, they will lose the bonuses and (confirmation needed) penalties of the old God. Furthermore, they will suffer a punishment for betraying the God, which vary depending on the deity. It should be noted that the acquired tattoos will not disappear like the God's default bonuses. There is also a special event that allow players to sever their ties with a God without penalties.

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