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God of War

God of War loves bloodshed and sacrificing warriors in his name.

  • Worship Bonus: When entering a new dungeon, +1 physical ATK and -1 mana upon revealing a mist tile. ATK can be increased by 10. This bonus does not apply to elemental damage.
  • Debuff: Strength -1, Intelligence -1.
  • Additional Sacrifice: None
  • Cost money: 10% of current gold (minimum is 10 gold).
  • Punishment for Betrayal: Leaves the player with 1 life point and 1 soul.


  • Tattoo 1: Gain 1 Health after killing an enemy. Rune: Copper 2.png
  • Tattoo 2: Immune to the Weakness debuff. Runes: Gold 2.png
  • Tattoo 3: Once per dungeon level, if the player kills a monster while having less than 15% health, they will be healed by 50% health. Runes: Copper 1.png Silver 2.png Gold 3.png


Main page: Sacrifice You keep slaying creatures over and over, you have done so all your life. Your face is covered in blood. Suddenly a voice echoes in your head: "Offer me your blood, mortal!". What will you do?

  • Slit your wrists without any hesitation.
    • The God of War is very pleased with your offering -> (STA 3+) ATK +2 or ATK -2
  • Use the creature's blood as offering. -> God of War abandons you.
  • Ignore the voice. -> Lose 10 HP

Strategies Edit

God of War has a fair trade the whole game, but mainly on the early levels. You get 10 extra damage for 10 mana. Mana does not go negative, so most of the time you get free damage points.

You need to be ready to not rely on mana. Cast any shield or persistent spell at the beginning of the dungeon.

Common: MagicRockTreasureWar
Rare: BenevolenceContractDevastationEvilVengeance
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