Description Edit

God of Vengeance
  • Worship bonus: Restore 50% max life if all monsters in current dungeon level are killed.
  • Debuff: If character fails to kill all monsters, loses 50% of current life and 20 soul points when entering a new dungeon.
  • Cost money: 10% of gold, minimum 10 gold.
  • Punishment for Betrayal: -30 Max Soul.

Tattoos Edit

  • Tattoo 1: Critical hit + 10%. Rune: Copper 1.png
  • Tattoo 2: An extra soul point upon killing a monster. Runes: Copper 3.png Silver 3.png
  • Tattoo 3: An extra 20% dodge chance and 20% ATK when life drops below 30%. Runes: Copper 2.png Gold 2.png

Strategies Edit

This god is not suitable for being sneaky because it forces you to kill all the monsters in a given dungeon or pay a steep penalty.

Seems to be good for the first few levels of adventuring where the healing bonus tops off your life at the end of each Dungeon so you can pick up hearts and maximize life. Once you get healing equipment like Life from revealing mist or Life on kill, this rapidly loses its utility. Recommend starting with this God then switching to God of War once you get healing equipment and the tattoos to take advantage of higher ATK bonus.

Warning: NEVER use the Immobile Assault.pngImmobile Assault or Medusas Skull.pngMedusa's Skull items that petrify enemies, they are treated as if still alive and you will take the penalty for failure.

Event Edit

The event Mad_God is related to the god of Vengeance.

Common: MagicRockTreasureWar
Rare: BenevolenceContractDevastationEvilVengeance
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