Description Edit

God of Evil

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Can't be picked from the hall.

  • Worship Bonus: 50% damage is converted to life points.
  • Debuff: Cannot use offhand equipment.
  • Punishment for Betrayal: Instant death, unless you have some means of preventing death. Third Goddess of Benevolence tattoo offers 50% chance to survive, it is possible a cross will also work (this needs confirmation).

Tattoos Edit

  • Tattoo 1: 5% increased chance of finding Heart of Life. Runes: Copper 2.png Silver 2.png
  • Tattoo 2: Double amount of life restored by Heart of Life. Runes: Copper 3.png Silver 1.png
  • Tattoo 3: Show all trap locations. Runes: Copper 3.png Gold 1.png

Strategies Edit

The God of Evil's statue appears very rarely, only in arena dungeons but can appear from level 1. The god's passive ability alone gives a significant boost to the character's survivability, and the tattoos (especially the third one) nicely compliment that. The inability to use offhand equipment is slightly problematic later on, as the player will waste a lot of beneficial equipment.

Common: MagicRockTreasureWar
Rare: BenevolenceContractDevastationEvilVengeance
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