Description Edit

God of contract

God of Contract, a rare and esoteric god.

  • Worship Bonus: All attributes +5
  • Debuff: You will no longer level up.
  • Additional Sacrifice: All attributes -1 if taken from start.
  • Cost: 10% of current gold (minimum is 10 gold).
  • Punishment for Betrayal: Takes away the bonus stats, but leaves the debuff.

Tatoos Edit

  • Tattoo 1: 10 life points restored upon entering a new dungeon level. Rune: Copper 2.png
  • Tattoo 2: Poison damage -1. Runes: Copper 2.png Silver 2.png
  • Tattoo 3: 10% chance to attack twice. Runes: Copper 2.png Gold 1.png

Events Edit

"Why do you betray the god you once followed?"

  • I want to be stronger. -> Gain Tattoo from God of Contract and -5 Max Life
  • I don't think what I offered to the god exchanged what I wanted. -> Lost 4 rune stones +10 Max Life
  • Whoever you are, it's none of your business.

Strategies Edit

Worshiping the God of Contract gives +4 to each stats (if the player chooses him before entering the dungeon), which basically means 16 levels (20 if taken in game without the starting penalty).

These stats come with a number of advantages, particularly in basic mode where the level cap is only 10:

  • More damage, better hit / dodge chance
  • Improved health refills and extensions using Hearts.
  • More equipment becomes available
  • In case of stat checks during events, having high stats makes it easier to get beneficial outcomes.

This god drastically changes game play strategy. Since the character will no longer gain experience, they will no longer have the full life points and mana points refills from leveling up. Therefore, equipment that grants free life points or mana (when revealing mists, after killing, when ascending dungeons, etc) becomes more important for survival.

For optimal use, do not pick as your starting god. Switch to him in game after you have gained a few levels. He has a more or less equal chance of showing up as any other god even at lower levels of the campaign mode. His statue has been found as early as the first floor and as deep as the 18th floor. His statue will probably only show up once (in basic mode), so you should seriously consider taking the opportunity when you find it even if you are only level 3 at the time. This will give you the full benefit of +5 to all stats in addition to any you have already gotten from leveling. It is entirely possible to reach max level then switch to this god, giving your character the equivalent of 20 extra levels over cap.

Common: MagicRockTreasureWar
Rare: BenevolenceContractDevastationEvilVengeance
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