Runestone Keeper Wiki

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As you explore the dungeon, you will randomly discover Events, marked with "?" tiles. These events have a broad range of helpful or harmful effects (sometimes both). The events' outcomes depend on the player's choice, the character's basic attributes and sometimes their choices during a previous event (i.e., whether or not they acquired an event item from a previous encounter). Event tiles cannot be seen in advance and cannot be skipped once triggered.
Note: After an event, you must go to next floor before quitting the game, or the event will be treated as "never happened" and you'll lose any event item or buff/debuff. However soul/life/mana/gold's changes will remain, as well as any equipment/items lost/received during the event.

Alchemy Book[]

"After killing this monster, you notice the trail of blood..."

Alchemy Laboratory[]

"Following the strong smell of sulfur, you find an alchemy lab....."

Beautiful Goddess[]

"You take a nap beside the campfire and dream of a beautiful goddess..."


"Why do you betray the god you once followed?"

A Bloody Dwarf[]

"A bloody dwarf cowers in the corner, who is obviously not one of your victims..."

Bloody Eyes (Wolf)[]

"The blood on this floor indicates that a massacre probably took place here..."

A Body[]

"When you find this body for the third time you understand all the causes and effects..."

The Broken Statue[]

"You found a broken statue. Judging from the remains, it was an old statue of a god, holding something tightly in his hand."

The Chef[]

"You see a man wearing an apron in the corner..."

A Corpse[]

"A corpse or so you thought..."

The Crow[]

"Different body parts are hooked..."

Crucified Man[]

"A man is crucifed on a stone pillar before you."

Dragon Altar[]

"In front of you stands a gigantic skeleton protecting an altar..."

Dwarf Digging a Pit[]

"While looting a creature's body..."

Dwarf Lying on the Floor[]

"You find a dwarf lying on the floor covered in blood..."

Elf and Fish[]

"Someone was curling up in the corner, howling in sorrow..."

The End of Your Journey[]

"Your heart is pounding as you are approaching to the end of your journey..."

The Exquisite Tile[]

"One of the tiles you were walking on was different from others..."

Female Dwarf[]

"Intense fighting noises are coming out from somewhere in the mist..."

Female Ogre[]

"You see a female ogre sitting..."

Iron Dwarf[]

"You can hear someone forging steel near you..."

Lich Book[]

"This room is filled with the breath of undead..."

Lich Skull[]

"You find a gem-encrusted skull..."

Lich Urn[]

"This is a beautiful little urn, there is no doubt..."

Loose Bricks (Divination Stone)[]

"You sense something is wrong, you were used to feeling magic outside these walls..."

Mad God[]

"Kill them, kill them! Kill them all!"

Magic Addict / Elf with Magic Fish - 2 Part Event[]

"An elf is lying down on the floor with some sort of quilt..." (part 1)

"There cowers an unknown creature in the corner..." (part 2)

Monster's Inn[]

"You notice decapitated head on pikes in front of the entrance..."

Mummy-like man[]

"You see a man lying on the ground, you approach him but he suddenly stands up, he looked like a mummy..."

Mysterious Force[]

"You feel weaker as you get deeper into the dungeon..."

Mysterious Scroll[]

"You feel something in your body again, something different..."

The Ogre King[]

"Wait a second. Spare my worthless life, please..."

Rotten Corpse[]

"Different body parts can be found in this room, but it seems they haven't been entirely separated from the torso..."


"You keep slaying creatures over and over..."

Savior's Brotherhood[]

"The creatures in the room grow afraid of you..."

The Seal[]

"You started reminiscing once seeing the door right in front of you..."

Sealed Door[]

"You gaze at the final gate..."

Small Goblin[]

"Be quick. Give me all your gold!" 

Sneaky Goblin[]

"Pss, pss! Hey, you! Yes, you! Come over here!.."

Sorcerer's Laboratory[]

"You notice many experiments are being conducted in this dungeon..."

A Soul[]

"After placing so many souls in my care, have you ever considered their destination?"

Three Holes[]

"There were three huge man-made holes..."

Troll Furnace[]

"As you open the next room's door, you feel you took..."

Yellow Tank[]

"As you enter the room..."