You see a man lying on the ground, you approach him but he suddenly stands up, he looked like a mummy! "Magic, magic, you know magic. I want to know magic!" he said to you. He gave you both of his hands hoping you would do something, he seems weird, but harmless. What will you do?

  • Ignore him and leave.
    • You left the dungeon. It's assumed that you would never meet him again.
      • Nothing happened.
  • Give him your right hand.
    • Once he held your hands tight, your resistance collapsed right away. As he put the other hand on your head, you felt the quick loss of your memories as well. When he released you, a part of your magic memory was already lost. The 'mummy' resumed his wondering in the dungeon. You couldn't do anything to a man like this.
      • You lost one of your skills.
  • Give him a hug.
    • You lose all your skills.