The dungeon is where the main part of the game takes place. It is divided into levels (in basic mode, there are 20 levels total). Each level consists of 56 tiles (8 rows, 7 columns), with only one already revealed. To progress to the next level, the players has to locate the current level's exit and, in case it's a locked door, has to find a key to unlock the door. The dungeon's darkness conceals not only deadly traps and monsters, but also the means to improve the character's power and wealth.

Exploring the dungeonEdit

At the beginning, only 1 tile of the dungeon is revealed, and the rest is concealed. There are 2 types of concealed tiles in the dungeon: black tiles and mist tiles. Mist tiles are next to already-revealed tiles, and can be revealed with a click, while black tiles cannot be interacted with.

Revealing each mist tile consumes 1 turn and restores 1 soul points. There are various equipment (and monsters) that help to reveal extra tiles in one turn, but heroes will only receive soul points for the tile that they reveal by themselves.

Types of tilesEdit

Note: After each tile (with the exception of collapsed tiles) is revealed, its adjacent tiles become mist tiles.

  • Normal tiles: Totem poles (trap-detecting, monster-detecting, etc) can only be placed here.
  • Collapsed tiles (chasm): The tiles next to it will not become mist-tiles.
  • Traps and Devices
  • Shops
  • Door to Bonus dungeon: Can be opened with a key.
  • Exit: Can be a simple flight of stairs or a locked door.

Monster-occupied tilesEdit

When a monster is revealed, the mist tiles and black tiles around it will become locked. Typically, players will not be able to access locked tiles (unless they use certain items or skills) and have to kill or otherwise displace the monster. After the monster is killed, the tile becomes a normal tile, normal except that there is a graphic of a corpse, indicating that it adds to the count of corpses on that level, which affects some kinds of monsters.

Bonus dungeonEdit

This is an optional dungeon, a 5 x 5 room that can be access from the main dungeon. They usually have at least 1 elite monster with higher chance for rare equipment, but is also more dangerous than the normal dungeon level.

Special EventsEdit

  • Occasionally, the player will be faced with an event about of a confrontation with monsters right at the beginning of a dungeon level. Selecting the "chicken out" option will skip the current level (which is usually undesirable). Selecting the other dialogue option ("Bring it!") will reward the player with extra gold after they have killed all monsters.
  • Collapsing Dungeon: Almost every turn, a visible tile will turn into a hole. Items in the tile-turned-into-hole will disappear. If the player does not keep uncovering clear tiles (for example, by being engaged in a lengthy encounter), they risk instant death by "falling into the Abyss".
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