"In front of you stands a gigantic skeleton protecting an altar. He explains to you that it is no ordinary altar, it is called the "Dragon Nest". Your knowledge of dragons tells you that this altar was probably brought from the outside world. The altar looks empty, other people must have crossed its path during their journey."

  • Cast a spell at the dragon skeleton (Based on your Int)
    • (6 Int required): Learnt a Skill (Does not work if no open skill slots)
    • Other configuration: -1 int -1mana
  • Put an item on the altar -> Lose an equipment, refill Souls
  • Inspect the altar -> -15 Max Life, +10 Luck
  • Leave the altar -> Nothing happens?


Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

Guy, Hobb, Svafa, Morte, Balerio and Merlyn

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

Beneficence, Contract, Vengeance, War, Magic, Rock, and ???